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What type of carpet is suitable for use at the hotel?

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With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level of today's era, many hotels nowadays have more and more demand for the use of carpets, and there is a market for so-called demand. It is precisely because many hotels currently have increased demand for carpets. This has prompted the further expansion of the Jiujin carpet market. Today, Jiujin carpet manufacturers will tell you what type of carpet is suitable for use in hotels.

Hotel carpets are mainly divided into guest carpets, corridor carpets, restaurant carpets, and banquet hall carpets. The carpets in the hotel carpets are mainly warm in color, because the warm-toned carpets give a quiet and peaceful feeling, which helps guests to have a better rest. Hotel carpet Chinese restaurant carpet, color should try to use rice color, green tone, etc., because in the psychological point of view these colors can increase the appetite of the guests, so that guests get the best dining environment. For the pattern, you should choose the overall generous pattern that matches the decoration style.

All in all, when choosing a hotel carpet, it should be decided according to different regions. In addition, due to the increase in the use of hotel carpets, the number of carpet manufacturers is increasing day by day, reminding everyone to go to the regular carpet manufacturers to purchase the carpet. the quality of.

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