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What is the cleaning process for hotel carpets?

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With the continuous progress of the times, the overall economic level of China has also increased substantially over the years, so in this economic situation, the use of hotel carpets is becoming more and more common. Looking at the current carpet market, the proportion of hotel carpets is relatively large, so in order to meet the needs of more users, the types of hotel carpets on the market are now more and more abundant. As we all know, the hotel environment is quite special, there are more people living in the store, so the carpet also needs to be cleaned frequently. Next, the Jiujin carpet manufacturer will tell you what the cleaning process of the hotel carpet is.

1, vacuuming

Vacuuming is a must to do one or more cleanings every day, especially for hotel carpets. Vacuuming can remove about 80% of the dust on the carpet surface. Keep the low carbon in a relatively clean state, so always vacuum the carpet, because the longer it is, the harder it is to clean the dust.

It is also very common to have stains on the carpet of the hotel. In addition to the professional stain-removing agent, it is necessary to timely remove the stains.

3, surface cleaning

Since the hotel is occupied every day, the hotel carpet is trampled every day, and the stains on the stalls usually from half a month to one month are more obvious, so it is necessary to clean the surface effectively. The most common method is to use a single wiper with a dry carpet agent for cleaning.
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