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What are the methods to prevent wool carpets from being wormed?

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The progress of the times and the development of social economy have greatly improved the material living conditions of today's people, so for many families who pursue quality of life, wool carpets are naturally indispensable. Affected by the regional economy, the market size of the entire carpet is now expanding, so it also provides a good precondition for the development of carpet manufacturers. Although wool carpet is the choice of many families nowadays, it is easy to be worms, affecting human health and the service life of carpets. Therefore, Jiujin carpet manufacturers today tell you about the methods to prevent wool carpets from being worms.

1. Keep the wool carpet clean and dry. This is the most basic requirement to prevent the insects from being wormed. Generally, after the carpet is used for one year, it should be moved outside, knocked off the dust, and aired, but not exposed. When the wool carpet is re-applied, the floor should be cleaned.

2, after two or three years of carpeting, use chemical cleaning once. After washing the carpet, if it continues to be used, the floor should be cleaned and then laid.

3. When storing the wool carpet, evenly spread some sanitary cotton balls on the top, then wrap the bundles in a ventilated place to maintain good ventilation, which can effectively prevent carpet insects.
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