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Jiu Jin floor mat manufacturers teach you how to choose the mat for your baby?

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For many families with children nowadays, the mats have basically become the standard, and with the expansion of the market for mat products in recent years, there are more choices for the consumers. However, compared with ordinary floor mat products, the mats used by the baby are more stringent, not only reliable but also safe and non-toxic. Therefore, the next nine Jin mat manufacturers will tell you how to choose the mat for your baby.

1, look at the color

Some children's mats with brighter colors often use more pigments (dyes) and inks, and relatively more likely to migrate elements; children's mats with blurred colors and unclear boundaries are usually inferior. Pigments (dyes), inks, so try not to choose this product when you choose.

2, check the logo

When purchasing children's floor mats, pay attention to whether there are instructions for use in Chinese (ie product identification), including the manufacturer's factory name, product name, product number or specification, product standard for execution, safety category. Wait. Try to choose a product with complete identification, so that the quality is more guaranteed.

3, smell smell

When buying a baby's floor mat, you can make a choice directly through the smell. If it is a mat with a heavier irritating smell, it is recommended not to start.
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