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China Jiujin carpet manufacturers talk about the principles to follow when purchasing hotel carpets

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With the increasing economic level in China in recent years, the types of hotel carpets have become more and more abundant. With the increase in demand, the market size of carpets is now expanding. Although there are many types of hotel carpets on the market, the quality is also uneven, so in order to ensure the quality of the carpet, everyone must follow several principles when purchasing. Next, Jiujin Carpet tells you what principles to follow when purchasing hotel carpets.

1. Purchasing according to hotel positioning

Differently positioned hotels are also different when choosing a carpet. When purchasing hotel carpets, you need to choose according to the hotel's style positioning and star rating.

2. Purchasing according to hotel area

The hotel is divided into banquet halls, guest rooms, restaurants, corridors, conference rooms, reception rooms, office areas and other areas. The functions of different areas are different, so carpets of different materials are required.

3, the carpet needs to pass the standard of fire retardant

As a public place, the fire protection problem of the hotel is very important, so you need to consider this issue when purchasing carpets. The choice of carpet should be in accordance with the fire department inspection standards.
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