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What are the types of materials for bathroom mats?

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While many people's material living conditions are constantly improving, the pursuit of their own quality of life is also higher. Many people now have floor mats in their homes, and the types of mats laid in different parts are different. But no matter what, as the demand continues to grow, the market for floor mat products is now expanding. Today, I want to tell you about the types of bathroom mat materials, I hope to help you.

1, polyester

The mat of this material is relatively strong against temperature and the sun, so when bathing, don't worry about the bathroom overheating and affect its service life. After cleaning, you can safely and boldly put it in the sun to dry. Bactericidal sterilization. Not only that, but the price of polyester floor mats on the market is also very affordable.

2, nylon

This kind of bathroom floor mat is used by many families at present. This kind of floor mat is not only very simple, anti-wear, pressure-resistant, but also very clean, dirty, as long as it is washed with water, it can remove stains, and the price is cheap. It has a long service life and is very popular.

3, microfiber

The floor mat of this material is relatively high. On the one hand, the material of this material has a very good water absorption capacity. At the same time, because it is also an extremely slender material, the texture is soft. The price of the bathroom mat is also the highest.
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