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Which Chinese mat is good?

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In recent years, office-specific floor mats have become popular choices for office buildings and office space materials due to their wear-resistance, anti-static, flame-retardant, sound-proof, waterproof and anti-pollution properties, while "full carpets" and "squares" Carpets are the two most common types of carpets used in these locations.

    The "square carpet" in the Chinese floor mat has a more distinct advantage: the paving is convenient, the change is convenient, and there is a sense of plane. The office buildings are mainly concentrated in the bustling commercial districts, many of which are built on high-rise buildings. The sheet-like packaging of the carpet tiles solves the problems of loading and unloading and handling. Secondly, the office staff walks more frequently, the entrance and exit are easy to get dirty, and the office area will inevitably have tea stains, coffee stains, etc. For these part of the stain pollution, it can be taken out one by one to stop cleaning; after partial damage, the new carpet carpet can be changed. The bottom back of the carpet tile is generally divided into asphalt bottom, PVC bottom, PU soft bottom, etc. The grounding performance is good, the sound-absorbing and anti-static ability is better than other products, and it is more suitable for the use of office furniture than the full-floor carpet.

    The office mats produced by China Jiujin Carpet are of high quality and the products have won high praise from customers. Our professional design team can develop solutions for you based on your company's overall style, helping you to improve the overall environment of the office.

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