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What are the advantages of non-slip mats?

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Anti-slip anti-slip mats sold by Shandong Jiujin Carpet Co., Ltd. This anti-slip mat has a wide range of paving, and can be used in swimming pools, bathrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, corridors, bathing centers and other places where the floor is slippery.

 The bottom of the non-slip mat is made of environmentally friendly pvc material, which is not easy to wear. It can withstand low temperature of 70 degrees and high temperature of -50 degrees. It has the advantages of abrasion resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fading and deformation. The service life is up to 3-5 years. The assembled anti-slip mat is designed with the latest patented technology to dredge the bottom drainage function. The bottom of the mat will not be entangled and difficult to clean. It can effectively eliminate the sand and water of a small amount of soles, and keep the surface of the mat clean without water. It has the advantage of slipping.

 This non-slip mat is assembled with a combination of clips, which makes the installation and assembly very convenient. Each single piece has a fixed clamping jaw, and the mechanical mechanics are cleverly docked for quick and clean laying. The primary materials are all certified by international environmental protection. The quality of the products is good and there is no irritating atmosphere. At the same time, due to the hydrophobic nature of the plastic raw materials, it is not suitable for the corrosion of muddy water, which can effectively avoid the breeding of germs and unpleasant breath. The anti-slip mat has the advantages of antibacterial and flame retardant, which is not useful for other mats.
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