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The use of Jiu Jin mats

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There are many characteristics of Jiujin floor mats. Features 1. Made of exporting polymer environmental protection material EVA plastic, UV resistant, acid and alkali resistant, wear resistant, can be used normally between -30 degrees and +60 degrees.

  The use of Jiujin mats is high in quality and good in quality. The most important thing is that it is beautiful and practical, and it is very popular among people. There are a lot of three-in-one mats on the market. In appearance, they are almost the same, but the Jiujin carpet factory reminds everyone that the materials are different and the workmanship is different. The brush on the surface of the three-in-one mat is used for sand scraping. The mat that is not working well is easy to collapse. Therefore, we must choose good quality. Our company has been paved for various hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, properties and so on in Beijing. The following small series will explain for you, the company's three-in-one mat features:

  1 Durable: It is made of eva raw material, can withstand low temperature of 70 degrees, high temperature resistance -50 degrees, with wear resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, leg color resistance, easy to shape, etc., combined design It is possible to make a single block change when part of the wear is made.

  2 The effect of dust removal and scraping mud is weak: Jiujin floor mat cleans the dust and sand carried by the soles, sweeps the sludge, and the overall permeable structure makes the sediment and sewage leak, keeps the surface of the store clean, effectively ensures indoor sanitation and is more effective. Avoid damage to the air and the floor.

  3 cleaning and drying, convenient and labor-saving overall permeability structure and polymer plastic material, just rinse directly with water, immediately bright as new!

  4 Free combination of infinite stitching and unique combination of the nine Jin mats, making installation and assembly very convenient, each single piece has fixed convex and concave holes, clever docking with application mechanics, customers can splicing according to their own preferences Pattern style.
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