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How about the quality of pvc mats?

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   Pvc floor mats are essential in life. In the bathroom, swimming pool, bathroom, etc., anti-slip mats need to be laid. The laying effect of the anti-slip mat is the best. It can be spliced according to the actual size of the place. Limited by any space, and easy to wash and store. Antibacterial flame-retardant anti-slip mats are such assembled floor mats, each piece is 30*30cm in size, moderately sized, and not paved.

  The material of this pvc floor mat is moderate in softness. It is not deformed in the air, does not fade, and has good drainage. It can be placed on the anti-slip mat to make the soles clean and fresh. The anti-slip mat also has the function of antibacterial and flame retardant. It is no problem to lay in the bathroom, it will not breed any bacteria, and it can avoid the fire. It is a very good piece of floor mat. Non-slip mat

  Shandong Jiujin Carpet Co., Ltd. is a professional sales floor mat company. Our pvc floor mats are of very good quality and have a long service life. The range of paving can be very common, such as swimming pools, lounges, saunas and other anti-skid places. Customers are welcome to call to purchase.
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