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Pvc floor mat features and functions

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The pvc floor mat is made of PVC material. The product is stable and durable. It is very suitable for laying in the company's mission area. It can be used to clean the floor and clean it. The pattern of the exterior can be designed into a forest, together with the anti-slip effect. It is more capable of improving the level of task space.

The wave of the pvc floor mat not only has anti-slip effect, but also has the function of massage. The staff can work in such an environment, which can aggravate the fatigue, tear strength, abrasion resistance, water resistance, anti-natural aging, anti-fungality. The advantages of flame retardancy and other non-slip mats are not comparable.

Pvc floor mats have excellent performance in color fastness, flame retardant, elasticity, sand scraping, anti-tiredness, anti-static and other functions; can have more than 90% of the dust brought by the human foot to enter the room, then Adhere to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the room.

Shandong Jiujin Carpet is a professional pvc floor mat manufacturer. The quality of the products is reliable and involves many fields. It can be made according to customer needs. If you are interested in purchasing, you can contact us in time.
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