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How to identify the quality of the dusting mat?

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   The quality of the dust-removing mat is very important for its future use. Below, the experts will tell us how to tell if it is good or bad:

   When we are selecting the dust floor mat, the most important thing is to understand the thickness of the wear layer. It determines the service life of the floor. The thicker the wear layer, the better. Then, it can be pressed against the front and back of the product with force, and no cracks or breaks should occur. Again, pay attention to whether the mat is homogenous and transparent, and reflect whether the front, the cross section and the back have patterns. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the sample will not curl and deform after being placed for a few days, which is related to whether the floor mat will be used for drumming, slitting, etc. in future use.

   The above is about the knowledge of the quality of the dust floor mat, I hope that it can be helpful for everyone's purchase, Shandong Jiujin carpet manufacturers welcome customers to inquire and purchase.
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