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High-grade non-slip mat material

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The hand-made high-grade anti-slip mat is made of high-quality pure wool, and then processed through multiple processes such as hair selection, scouring, combing, dyeing, rug, shearing, and washing. The hand-slip mats are characterized by excellent hair quality, unique craftsmanship and elegant patterns. They are the main handicrafts exported to Western countries in China.

The high-grade non-slip mat is a floor covering that is carefully processed with precious materials such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, and chemical fibers.

Non-slip mats include hand-woven carpets, machine-made carpets, and hand-made carpets. Others include bedding, seat cushions, wall hangings, tents, saddles, curtains, and rugs. In ancient times, people used beasts and beasts to form threads and weave them into blocky wool for paving.
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