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Logo floor mat maintenance

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   1. Daily maintenance of logo mat: The surface of the usual mat can be cleaned with brush and tape, and cleaned once every other week with a vacuum cleaner to extend the service life of the mat.

   2. Responsive by heavy pressure: The logo carpet is heavily pressed by the furniture, and it is not easy to restore the original shape. You can put a damp towel on the floor pad depression, steam it from the top with an electric iron, and then blow it dry with a hair dryer.

   3. Logo floor mat emergency treatment: accidentally overturned the beverage or stained with the stain, to deal with it as the most effective remedy. First use a dry cloth or tissue paper to dry the water (wipe from the outside to the inside) to dilute the mild neutral detergent (neutral dishwashing or cold washing)

   4. Treatment of unclear stains: You can wipe the stains with alcohol first, and then dry them with a soft brush. Hot water and lemonade also have effects.

   5. Regular maintenance of logo mats The carpets are sent to professional carpet cleaning companies for maintenance every six months or a year.
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